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Hiring! Full!

What a year it has been for our little Dandenong Ranges based clinic! Early in the new year we hired two new amazing therapists to join our team, then global pandemic strikes bringing rapid changes to how we live, interact with each other and how we conduct therapy sessions.

Although challenging, it's not all bad news though, as this has pushed us towards delivering tele-health better than ever before, saving travel hours on clients plans, not to mention the new skills non-tech savvy people have learned along the way.

So this blog title basically says it all. Our waiting list is getting quite full so we are looking for inspiring therapists to join us.

Flexibility and balance are words often kicked around. In our case though, we truly mean it. Our 'remote' work plan was implimented before COVID-19 forced many to think this way; to work from home and to tailor referrals and caseload to your individual circumstances. We don't have a fixed address and we match caseloads with the skills and interests of the therapist and work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team.

We would love to hear from any Occupational Therapist seeking some change in their lives, while changing other peoples lives.

Lee-Arna Fitch


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